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911 staffers to take shifts in Cascade

Five of the six Adams County 911 dispatchers have said they are willing to help fill in at the critically understaffed Valley County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch, Valley County commissioners were told Monday.

  YOU’LL NEVER CHOP ALONE - Kent Johnson of New Meadows appears to have a lonely task as he is surrounded by wood that needs chopping during Saturday’s 10th Annual Humanitarian Wood Work Day at Riverfont Park in McCall. In reality, dozens of volunteers turned out to split, stack and deliver firewood to those in need during the event, also known as “Woodstock.”   

Photo by Chelsea Tuttle/For The Star-News


Stepping up for colleagues
in time of need

The story is one told over and over again in rural areas. A farmer falls ill just when the harvest is supposed to begin. The word goes out and soon neighboring farmers break away from their own harvests to help out their...

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Ghost Light draws on politics, cinema for musical stimulus

They headline the Music Fest at Roseberry, which starts tonight.

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