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The Star-News

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Cascade house fire survivor recounts brush with death

Crawling on the floor through thick smoke, Rorie Olson-Snapp thought she might die in her burning home near Cascade. But then a thought came to her. “You gotta keep moving,” she said to herself...

  Rorie Olson-Snapp looks at a charred photo of her grandfather, one of only a few items to survive the fire that consumed her home near Cascade on May 2.  

Photo by Max Silverson/The Star-News


Plastics as recyclables are doomed

Valley County might as well not waste the paper that will be used to put up signs asking people not to “contaminate” the county’s recycling bins for plastic. The effort is doomed, so the county might as well...

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When Trappers
Roamed the Land

Cascade event recalls 1800s rendezvous

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